This movie breaks my fucking heart 

Get To Know Me Meme: [4/5] Favorite Male Characters: Tyler Lockwood

"Kim put you all at risk today, but I’m not gonna hurt her. I’m not Klaus. I don’t kill and torture my own friends to get what I want. Now, we broke the sire bond, but if you want to be free we have to work together.”

My scenes with Dylan are my favorite. There is just a chemistry there and we don’t know why. - Holland Roden.

my hobbies include eating and complaining that i’m getting fat


Valentine's Day Romantic Comedy Countdown
So Margaret, marry me. Because I’d like to date you.


Jennifer Aniston’s reaction when they randomly started playing the Friends theme song during the We’re the Millers gag reel

"If someone’s lying about something small, you don’t know what else they’re lying about. I’m a big girl, I can handle the truth - even if it’s not good news.”

Vontade de te dar uns amassos.